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Customer Marketing Manager

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1. Top 8 LKA/LKC customized shopper event planning, tracking and review

  • Monthly/Quarterly customized differentiation shopper event for top 8 LKA/LKC accounts including
  • Customized promotion mechanism design, ET pick and purchase with the support of team
  • Marketing campaign design per quarter for top customers including live broadcast, on-line promotion, and other digital solutions
  • Customized base NUA/retention event for customers per company guideline and customer request
  • Agency management for activity development, design and execution
  • Negotiation with customers relative department including buyer, digital Dpt, MKT and etc.
  • Top to Top meeting mandated participant with business review analysis support and presentation
  • Key contributor of customer annual business plan part

2. D-mall

  • Independent lead and manage D-mall MKT campaign, Responsible for the GMV of Dmall
  • Responsible for Dmall MKT spending, and design annual campaign to drive exposure and GMV of the platform

3. Customer MKT team internal budget owner


  •  Business acumen and understand the trend of retailer
  •  Hardworking and good team player
  •  Understand the shopper behavior and portfolio management
  •  Willing to understand the new digital marketing and optimize the current marketing strategies
  •  Strong negotiation and communication skills
  •  Strong business analysis, PPT and presentation skills
  •  Learning on the air and adapt to changes
  •  Project management ability
  •  Good written and reading English skill

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