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Sales GEMINI Project Lead


  • The Sales GEMINI Project Leader will lead the coordination as well as communication with the area sales team, distributors and accounts required for the GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity). S/he will need to make sure that the GEMINI Project are run/ implemented as per timeline and the entity split are done in a smooth transition. Experienced as project leader with a good communication skill as well as custom to work under tight timeline are preferable. Being exposed to a sales role/ dealing with distributors, accounts, 3rd party agencies would be beneficial for the role.


Scope of Role

  • The Sales GEMINI Project Leader reports to both BUs Sales Directors (i.e. RB HEALTH and RB HYHO). The role holder will need to interact rigorously with the sales area field team (i.e. RSMs, ASMs, HoAs, TSIs) from Both BUs, as well as finance and supply team. While externally the role holder interacts with the distributors as well as accounts and other 3rd party agencies under RB sales (i.e. SPG Agency, etc.).


Key responsibilities

1. Planning

  • Sales GEMINI Project Tracker: Develop a tracker to monitor progress on the GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity) for Indonesia which are in lines with both BUs sales plan and cascade same to the field team and to make sure we meet the TG deadline date.
  • Coverage Plan: Assist both BUs Sales Director on the potential implication of the entity split towards the distributor coverage plan, extra additional listing related to some accounts, as well as logistic delivery implications.


2. Monitoring/ Control

  • Progress Review on GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity) to be up dated and checked periodically to identify the progress vs. plan realization.


3. Troubleshooting:

  • Coordinate with the field team in-case there are trouble of some distributor not giving support/ data/ resources as per requirement to meet the deadline.


4. Communicate and Socialize:

  • Communicate and socialize GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity) to the field teams, distributors and accounts in consultation with Sales Directors as well as Indonesia’s GEMINI Project Leader to make sure that all stake holders are fully aware on GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity) implication for them, new business operating processes as well as expectation which RB will need from them.


Key Challenges


  • The role holder plans and initiates timely collection of all sales related data, KPI/ score card. S/he also need to communicate and explain on the impact and implications of GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity) to the field team, distributors, accounts. S/he must be able to collect and absorb the aspiration as well as expectation from the field sales team, distributors and accounts related to the GEMINI Project (i.e. Splitting the Entity) on process change, claims implication, logistics impacts, etc. The challenge is to study, analyze, verify, approve and control all data coming from the field team, distributors and accounts; maintain and update periodically the database which can help in bringing insights as well as watch out on the GEMINI Project/ entity split process risks to the business in general and sales operation in specific.


Key requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree/ MBA (Sales and Marketing) would be an advantage
  • Experience in leading project and coordinating across multiple stake holders (i.e.Internally as well as Externally)
  • 5 years+ experience in sales role in FMCG/ distribution industry with min 1 year as Sales Senior Manager
  • Strong knowledge of field sales and account management

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